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    Post by Thomas on Thu 23 Apr 2009, 8:29 pm

    make sure u follow the rules

    No abusive language

    This means do not be abusive to other members on the forum by calling them
    inappropriate names & swearing. Make sure you respect other members.

    No Spamming

    This means that you shouldn't post lots of pointless topics about nothing to do with
    the part of the forum you post in. If any staff see any spam then it will be deleted and you
    may receive a warning.


    The private messaging is there so members can talk privately to each other.
    Anyone found abusing it will receive a warning. Anyone sending other members links to other
    forums & websites without other members request will be warned as this is classed as

    No bumping old topics

    No posting in topics that haven't been posted in for more than a month, even if
    you are the author, unless you give previous warning that you are going to post again in the future

    Avatars & sigs

    No unsuitable images in avatars and sigs, the forum is aimed at all ages.Sigs
    which stretch the forum template will be removed without notice.


    do not swear if you do you may recieve a warning!
    remember this site is for all ages

    Multiple accounts

    dont use multiple accounts even if u have been banned from the forum
    i will know if u have!

    please follow the rules

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