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    I want to swap...


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    I want to swap...

    Post by Thomas on Thu 23 Apr 2009, 8:05 pm

    only post here if you are either
    1.swapping something that you will sell
    2.only reply if you are intrested in the item that is being sold on here
    3.remember the swapitshop rules
    - Only swap stuff that belongs to you.
    - Only swap stuff that you can send in within 14 days.
    - Don’t swap stuff that is damaged or in bad condition.
    - Don’t trade swaps on our ‘Swaps you can’t trade’ list below.
    - Always include enough forwarding stamps.
    - Always send your swaps in as quickly as possible.
    - Always explain exactly what you are swapping in your swap title.

    Swaps you cant trade
    • Anything rude or offensive, including attached images.
    • Any rude/swear words in your description.
    • Copied/fake items (it is illegal to copy and then try to sell copied CDs, etc).
    • Items that may be dangerous.
    • Items that are damaged or in bad condition.
    • Items too large/heavy to be sent by normal post.
    • Anything containing personal messages, links to websites, email addresses or any other personal information.
    • 'Lucky dip' or 'mystery' swaps that do not explain exactly what the bidder will receive.
    • Used make-up.
    • Aerosol sprays.
    • Used pierced jewellery.
    • Dirty clothing.
    • Any kind of weapon.
    • Internal PC components.

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